Living Christmas Nativity


After over 25 years of Bethlehem Alive presentations, we are taking 2019 off. But, we plan to be back in 2020!

Live Nativity

Admission is FREE!

Wander the village recreated indoors and see the Nativity. The facility is heated and fully handicap accessible. Groups are welcome and refreshments will be available


Little Farms Chapel OPC
2518 Arthur Street
Coopersville, MI 49404

Phone: 616.677.6170


The Story of Christmas

The birth of Jesus is a study of contrast.

Jesus was born in the rural village of Bethlehem, in a stable that was nothing like the sanitized nativity scenes we see so often today. The stable was most likely a stone structure just large enough to provide shelter for a few animals.

King Herod was an architectural genius who built large, elaborate structures to celebrate himself and to protect him from his enemies. One of the greatest of these was the Herodian, a fortress that overshadowed Bethlehem.

Jesus sacrificed Himself so that we could live.

Herod murdered many people so that he could reign.

Jesus is the Son of God

Herod was the son of Edom.

The Bible tells the truth about who Jesus is. You can read the story of his birth in Luke 2

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